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Name Natalie Paige Pluto
Instagram @nataliepluto
Youtube Natalie Pluto Youtube
Birthdate June 1st, 2000
Profession Longboard Freestyle and Filmmaking
Hometown Northern Virginia
Height 5'5"

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My Favorites

Favorite/Most Memorable Project:

Favorite Hobbies: Filmmaking, Youtube, Longboard Freestyle, Music, Traveling, and discovering something new

Favorite Food: Breakfast - Fruit smoothies. Lunch - Hawaiian Pizza.  Dinner - Anything asian! Especially pineapple fried rice. Dessert - Mochi Ice Cream. Drink - Orange juice with HIGH pulp

Favorite Musical Artist: Flume, Medasin, Mr. Carmack

Favorite Brands:  Team rider for Travelol Longboards, Blood Orange Wheels, and Caliber Trucks

Favorite Color: Pastel pink

Favorite Sport: Baseball / Softball

Favorite Video Games: Animal Crossing, Overwatch, Crazy Taxi

Hero/Role Model: Chris Chann

Favorite Animal: Cow

Favorite Charity

Humane Society International. I love animals and believe it’s important for us to protect and care for them. I have a black labrador at home, Koda, who is my best friend.



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