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Name Kasey Wakasa
Website WakasiDesign.com
Facebook Wakasi Design
Instagram @wakasi
Pinterest @wakasidesign
Birthdate August 31, 1996
Profession Artist
Hometown Hillsborough, CA
Height 6'1"

My Favorites

Favorite/Most Memorable Project: Pillon. A 7' x 3.5' Art piece for a very close friend of mine. This was the largest piece I have ever done and was a huge challenge and learning process at the same time!

Favorite Hobbies: Soccer, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding and Design

Favorite Food: Breakfast - Brekkie Burrito! Drink - Fruity IPAs

Favorite Musical Artist: Skizzy Mars

Kid Pic:

Favorite Shoe Brand: Creative Recreation

Favorite Exercise: Watching TV

Favorite Travel Spot: Paris! Studied abroad there for 3 months and would love to return soon!

Favorite YouTube Channel: Kelly Wakasa and Luke Eich

Celebrity Crush: Megan Fox

Hero/Role Model: Joseph Klibanksy

Favorite Sports Player: Justin Dhillon

Favorite School Subject: Art Class!

Favorite Animal: Tiger

*Disclosure: Some links are affiliate links that compensate me when you buy, but all opinions are my own.

Recent Blog Posts

Pillon | Wakasi Design
Travis Pillon is truly a day one supporter and friend! I met Travis where I met many of my friends growing up, on the Santa Clara soccer field, wearing the De Anza Force training top. With a bit of an age difference, Travis played on the older squad with my brother, Kody, and became good […]
Hawk’s Tower | Wakasi Design
Andrew and I go way back to Crocker middle school. The year was 2007, motorola razors were in. This was the year Hawk and I met. We weren’t the closest of friends at the time but our relationship grew as we did. Fast forward to present day, I try to make an effort to go […]
I Left My Heart in San Francisco | Wakasi Design
April has been a family friend for as long as I can remember and has watched me and my siblings grow up as a nearby neighbor. So when I started posting about my art, she was one of the first followers and supporters! The original Dripping Heart piece initially caught their attention, but with that o…

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Favorite Charity

UNICEF - To help children in need have a healthy, happy, and safe life.


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