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Name Joey Calistri
Instagram @jcali15
Twitter @jcali10
Birthdate November 20th, 1993
Age 26
Club Phoenix Rising FC (USL)
Jersey Number 21
Position Midfielder
Alma Mater Northwestern University
Height 5'10"
Weight 160 lbs.

My Favorites

Favorite Career Moment: Our game last year against New Mexico United. We were down 2-0 when I came on as a sub and I managed to score two late goals to secure a road draw that clinched the supporter's shield for our club. It was most memorable because after the match we had all of our traveling fans, owners, staff and players celebrating with champagne in the locker room together as one united club. It was an unforgettable night.

Favorite Hobbies: Sports journalism/writing, drinking and making coffee and golf (even though my game is horrific), playing hockey

Favorite Food: Breakfast is eggs and pancakes. Lunch would be a potbelly's sandwich, usually the wreck. Dinner would be nonni's homemade gnocchi. Favorite snack is Trader Joe's pumpkin seeds. Pre-game I go with pasta, chicken, fruit and salad, but post-game would be pizza. Desserts and candy would be sour patch watermelon or cookie dough ice cream.

Favorite Music: Tom Petty is my favorite artist and Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones is my favorite song.

Favorite Movies: Warrior, Happy Gilmore, Interstellar

Favorite TV: The Office, Entourage

Favorite Brands: Zara, Hoist sports drink

Favorite Travel Spots: Going back to Chicago is always the best

Favorite Other Sport: Hockey

Favorite Childhood Memory: Just hanging around with all my buddies back home

Favorite Book: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

Favorite Podcast: Joe Rogan

Favorite Video Game: NHL

Celebrity Crush: Margot Robbie

Hero: My parents

Motto: Work even harder when nobody is watching

Favorite Soccer Player: Alessandro Del Piero

Favorite Cleats: Adidas X boots

Favorite Game: Card game, 22 or blackjack

Favorite Childhood Toy: Soccer ball of course

Favorite Quarantine Activity: Recently finished schooling to get my AZ real estate license during quarantine

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Recent Articles

Read articles written by me for Global Sport Matters, a media enterprise by the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University.

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Latest News

Phoenix Rising FC end regular season tops in United Soccer League
Phoenix Rising FC’s Joey Calistri scored a goal at the 90-minute mark to secure a 2-2 tie against New Mexico in Rising’s regular season finale.
Phoenix Rising forward Joey Calistri named to USL Team of the Week
Phoenix Rising FC forward Joey Calistri has been named to USL Championship’s Week 30 Team of the Week, the league announced on Tuesday.
Team apartment, karaoke key to making Arizona feel like home for Phoenix Rising FC players
For Rising FC goalkeeper Zac Lubin and winger Joey Calistri, the Valley has become a second home, thanks to their team apartment and karaoke.

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Videos & Highlights

Check out a video playlist with all my interviews, videos with team, and highlights from my career.



Year Club Games Played Games Started Sub off Minutes Shots Shots on Goal Goals Assists
2019 Phoenix Rising FC 31 13 7 1,335 25 15 6 2
2018 Saint Louis FC 32 25 11 2,156 26 11 5 2
2017 Tulsa Roughnecks FC (On Loan) 32 27 6 2,572 37 23 9 6


Year Club Games Played Games Started Sub off Minutes Shots Shots on Goal Goals Assists
2016 Chicago Fire FC 14 2 - 348 5 4 1 1


Favorite Charities

Arizona Sustainability Alliance - I always try to work with groups that deal with sustainability and last year I volunteered with the Arizona Sustainability Alliance.

Lakeview Pantry - I also volunteer here when I'm back in Chicago during the offseason

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